Price: $435.00

Williams Sound CHG 518 5-bay Drop-in Charger

The Williams Sound CHG 518 is a multi-unit, drop-in style charger.  This item will conveniently charge and store up to 5 Williams Sound WIR RX18 under the chin style receivers. It helps you keep your products organized and batteries consistently charged.

Charger Features and Specifications:

  • Multiple Bays for to allow for charging several units simultaneously
  • Smart charger
  • Can be daisy-chained
  • Comes with a One Year Warranty

Product Dimensions:  12" x 6.25" x 1.5" Weight:  1.04 lbs Color:  Black metal and plastic Power Supply Input:  120 VAC Power Supply:  100-240V / 12 VDC TFP 043 Unit Capacity:  5 Units Indicators:  Individual Charging Indicators: Red LEDs Warranty:  1 Year It takes approximately 6 hours to fully charge new batteries. It is safe to leave fully charged batteries in the charger. The charger will monitor battery charge levels and re-charge if needed. WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CHARGE NON-RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES! Before inserting the WIR RX18 receiver into the charger, check to make sure that each receiver has BAT AP07D NiMH batteries installed! Refer to the Williams Sound WIR RX18 user manual. Williams Sound has a great history of offering a wide selection of high-quality accessories.  Williams products range from earphones and headphones to microphones to batteries and chargers. Each product is rigorously tested and approved for quality, reliability and compatibility with Williams Sound systems.