Atlas Sound FAP8CXT 8" Compression Driver Coaxial Speaker

The Atlas FAP8CXT 8" Compression Driver Coaxial Speaker is the real deal! A true compression driver and premium performance 70.7V / 100V tuned & ported 8" coaxial ceiling speaker system perfectly suited for many business music and public address applications. This is truly the top choice for applications where high ceilings require loudspeakers with increased efficiency and tighter pattern control. The FAP8CXT's 90° dispersion angle (in the 2kHz octave band) is ideal for higher ceiling applications where tighter pattern control is needed. Tight pattern control (not exceeding 90°) is important for high ceiling applications. Loudspeakers exhibiting wider dispersion than 90° will exceed 6dB of drop off at the edge of the coverage pattern causing excessive SPL variances. Using more of the same wide coverage speaker in a high ceiling application to compensate only worsens the situation as comb filtering from multi-path arrivals will result. The Atlas FAP8CXT 8" Compression Driver Coaxial Speaker provide a curvilinear, polypropylene cone for lower harmonic distortion, and a built-in crossover network for proper frequency transition between the two reproducers. This loudspeaker is factory assembled to an optimally tuned & ported deep drawn enclosure and includes a specially designed 60 Watt low saturation 70.7V / 100V transformer. A convenient front mounted selector switch will allow tap selection without removing the speaker from the ceiling. This tap selector switch also includes a transformer bypass setting. This is convenient for instances where the 8? FAP8CXT driver is to be direct coupled with a low impedance amplifier.  

FAP8CXT Features:

  • "Press -Fit" Grille to Better Blend into Contemporary Architecture
  • 1" Exit Compression High Frequency Driver Coupled to a Specially Designed Conical Wave-Guide Horn Provides Exceptional Output & Accurate High Frequency Reproduction
  • 90 Degree Conical Dispersion (2kHz Octave Band)
  • Extended Low Frequency Response from the Optimally Tuned and Ported Deep Drawn Galvanized Steel Enclosure (937 Cubic Inches)
  • Front Mounted Tap Selector Switch for Easy System Tuning Adjustments (1.9W to 60W @ 70.7V Plus 8 ohm Setting)
  • Includes C-ring/V-rail Tile Bridge Mounting Hardware
  • Unique "Trap Door" Input Section Allows for Through Conduit Runs with Rigid or Flex Conduit

Atlas FAP8CXT 8" Compression Driver Coaxial Speaker Specifications:

Speaker Type Coaxial
Power Taps 1.9, 3.8, 7.5, 15, 30, 60 Watts & 8?
Frequency Response 60Hz - 15kHz
Dispersion 90°
Sensitivity 92dB Average
Diameter 15 3/4" (40.005 cm)
Certified to Safety Listing UL 1480