Price: $117.00

JBL Control 24CT 4" Background/ Foreground Ceiling Speakers

 JBL Control 24CT 4" Background/ Foreground Ceiling Speakers  brings a full, high-quality sound of the compact JBL Control 24CT Ceiling Speaker System (White) is perfect for medium volume paging and background music applications including restaurants, professional offices and retail. Installation  without ceiling access and the built-in voltage transformer allows for additional speakers and system flexibility.

Use the Control 24CT with other High/Mid response Control Contractor Systems to achieve a more flexible system capable of mixing and matching zones without separate equalization. Low frequencies may be augmented using a Control Contractor subwoofer.

JBL 24CT In-Ceiling Speaker Includes

  • JBL Control 24CT Background/Foreground Ceiling Speaker
  • C-Shaped Support Backing Plate
  • 2 Tile Support Rails
  • Cutout Template
  • Paint Shield
  • Removable Locking Wiring Connector
  • JBL 5 Years Limited Warranty

Priced individually, but sold in pairs.