Clear-Com FSII-Base-II Digital Wireless Base Station

The FSII-BASE-II is a base station for the wireless FreeSpeak II 1.9 GHz and 2.4 GHz active transceiver antennas and beltpacks. The FSII-BASE-II has four 2-wire connections for analog partyline connection, four 4-wire audio connections and four displays with soft keys. Dedicated stage announce (SA) output and program audio input are provided.

Base-II Digital Wireless Base Station
Base-II Digital Wireless Base Station

Clear-Com AC60 5-way Drop-in Battery and Beltpack Charger

A FreeSpeak II (FS II) battery charger (AC60) allows you to charge up to five FS II beltpacks simultaneously. You can use it either as a drop-in charger for the whole beltpack, or you can charge separate beltpack Li-Ion batteries (BAT60) in the charging slots provided. You can use the charger either as a desktop unit, or you can mount it to a wall using an optional wall bracket.


Clear Com FSII-TCVR-19-US FreeSpeak II 1.9GHz Transceiver

The FSII-TCVR-19 is an active transceiver antenna for the FSII-BP19 beltpacks. The antenna can be locally powered or powered via the FSII base station or matrix on shorter connections (less than 1000 ft). The FSII-TCVR-19 has a mount for wall or microphone stand. A green status light is visible from either mounting orientations.


Clear Com FSII-BP19-X4-US Beltpack 1.9GHz

With a FreeSpeak II FSII-BP19-X4-US you can roam freely around a site or facility while talking and listening to all, or selected, members of the production team. With its four communication routes, the beltpack gives you the flexibility to communicate quickly and seamlessly with individuals or groups, and to change communication routes as often as needed.