Price: $199.00

Community CPL42-64 Black 2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Loudspeaker - OPEN BOX, Old Stock

Single unit, open box, but new and unused.  Slight corner finish damage on two corners (see images) Guaranteed to work as new.  But no other warranties given or implied.

The CPL42-64 is a small and versatile, two-way full-range bass reflex loudspeaker system engineered for installation in theaters, houses of worship and corporate applications. This loudspeaker features a 60° x 40° HF horn which is rotatable for narrower horizontal coverage or for vertical mounting.

CPL is just what you need for moderately priced house of worship, auditorium and school installations. Threaded inserts strategically placed on the top and bottom of the cabinet allow for easy mounting, with no handles to detract from their aesthetic appeal.

These speakers exhibit exceptional performance and natural vocal clarity with low profile good looks for corporate, A/V, house of worship, restaurant, and retail installation.

12" 2-way compact loudspeaker, 60 x 40 dispersion.

The CPL 42-64B comes with a black Tuf-Coat™ finish with a black perforated steel grille. Five year limited warranty.

Features include:
• Black Tuf-Coat™ Exterior
• 1” Titanium HF with 3 Position Level Switch
• 60° H x 40° V Rotatable Horn Pattern
• Passive and Biamp Operating Modes
• PowerSense™ DDP (Dynamic Driver Protection)
• Small Profile Trapezoidal Enclosure For Tight Spaces
• Load-rated 3/8” Rigging Points
• No Handles for Clean Appearance
• Barrier Strip Input on Steel Input Pane

Loudspeaker Type: 2-way, Full-range, bass ported

Operating Range: 70 Hz - 18 kHz, 70 Hz - 18 kHz (+/-5dB)

Max Input (Passive): 200W continuous, 500W program

40 volts RMS, 89 volts momentary peak

Recommended Power Amp: 420W to 600W @ 8 Ohms

Max Inputs (Biamp):

LF: (Same as for Passive mode)

Recommended LF Power Amp: (Same as for Passive mode)

HF: 50W continuous, 125W program

20 volts RMS, 45 volts momentary peak

Recommended HF Power Amp: 100W to 150W @ 8 Ohms

Sensitivity 1W/1m :

99 dB SPL (70 Hz - 18 kHz 1/3 octave bands)

97 dB SPL (250 Hz - 4 kHz speech range)

Maximum Output: 122 dB SPL / 129 dB SPL (peak)

Nominal Impedance (passive): 8 Ohms

Min Impedance: 5.6 Ohms @ 180 Hz

Nominal Impedances (Biamp): LF: 8 Ohms, HF: 8 Ohms

Nominal -6dB Beamwidth:

55° H (+3° / -13°, 2 kHz - 10 kHz)

40° V (+7° / -6°, 2 kHz - 10 kHz)

Axial Q / DI: 32.8 / 15.2, 2 kHz - 10 kHz

Crossover Frequency: 2 kHz

Recommended Signal Processing: 60 Hz high pass filter

Drivers: LF (1) 12", Ferrofluid-cooled

HF (1) 1" exit, titanium diaphragm

Driver Protection: PowerSense™ DDP

Input Connection: (5) terminal barrier strip

Controls: Passive / Biamp switch, 3 position HF level switch

Enclosure: 13-ply 18 mm Baltic birch, Tuf-Coat™ finish (see options)

Enclosure Hardware: None

Mounting / Rigging Provisions:

(6) 3/8-16 rigging points, W.L.L. 150 lb. vertical pull each

(4) 5/16-18 wall/ceiling bracket attachment points

Grille: 16 gauge perforated steel, black powder coated (see options)

Required Accessories: None

Supplied Accessories: None

Optional Accessories: 3/8EYBLTKIT: (4) 3/8-16 forged eyebolts


Height: 23.9 in. / 608 mm

Width (front): 14.7 in. / 373 mm

Width (rear): 9.2 in. / 234 mm

Depth: 14.75 in. / 375 mm

Weight: 53.5 lb. / 24.3 kg

Shipping Weight: 57 lb. / 25.9 kgNo

1. Sensitivity: Free field pink noise measurement at 20 feet (6.1m) at 25%

power; extrapolated to 1 meter and an input of 2.83 volts RMS.

2. Watts: All wattage figures are calculated using the rated nominal