Price: $198.00

AtlasIED Atmosphere X-ANS Ambient Noise Sensor

The new AtlasIED Atmosphere X-ANS, Ambient Noise Sensor is an amazing piece of new, smart technology.

The Atmosphere X-ANS is an ambient noise sensor specifically for use with the Ambient Noise Compensation (ANC) functionality in the Atmosphere AZM. Ambient noise compensation allows for automatic adjustment of volume within a given zone based on how loud the environment is.

We’ve meticulously developed technology to better solve the installer/user experience by creating advanced DSP algorithms. Our patent-pending data collection technique pairs nicely with our patent-pending automatic ANC by learning from user adjustments at specific noise levels and enables the Atmosphere system to adapt a unique curve for each space. This learning algorithm results in environmental configurations that are worry-free.

The AZM can accept up to four X-ANS sensor per zone. And for those installations where privacy is of paramount importance, the X-ANS only sends sensor data back, not audio.

Each Atmosphere accessory is a plug-and-play, intelligent device, specifically designed to be approachable and intuitive. The Atmosphere accessory bus allows for up to 8 devices to be connected to a single accessory port, reliably sending audio and data over 1000ft per port.

X-ANS Features

  • Calibration free design
  • No audio content is returned to host processor
  • Use up to 4 X-ANS per zone