Price: $429.89

RDL D-BT1A Wall-Mounted Bluetooth Audio Format-A Interface (White)

The white RDL D-BT1A is a wall-mounted Bluetooth audio Format-A interface offering a sleek solution for integrating Bluetooth audio sources into installed sound systems in fitness facilities, retail stores, restaurants, and more. Since it requires no special software to configure and boasts 1-button pairing with LED indication, the D-BT1A is simple and quick to set up.

Equipped with two RJ45 ports, the D-BT1A can either send received Bluetooth audio in mono or stereo directly to an RDL Format-A receiver (available separately) or daisy-chain in mono with two other D-Series BT1A modules (available separately) to a single Format-A receiver.

The D-BT1A is remotely powered through twisted pair cable and features signal and power pair pass-through on RJ45 jacks, eliminating the need for individual external power sources.

  • Bluetooth audio input for installed sound system
  • Intuitive single-button pairing with LED status indication
  • Special software not required for module setup
  • Customize the module ID name and programming password through the Bluetooth connection
  • Sends received Bluetooth audio to RDL Format-A receivers
  • Mono summed or stereo audio input mode is switch-selectable on rear panel
  • Rear-panel switch selects which RJ45 pair (A, B, or C) is fed in mono summed mode
  • Daisy-chain up to three D-Series BT1A modules to one Format-A receiver in mono mode
  • Remotely powered through twisted pair cable
  • Signal and power pair pass-through on RJ45 jacks