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RDL DB-SP1A Wall Speaker Decora-Style Loudspeaker - 8 Ohm 2w

RDL DB-SP1A Wall Speaker Decora-Style Loudspeaker - 8 Ohm 2w

The D SERIES RDL DB-SP1A Wall Speaker Decora-Style Loudspeaker ( 8 Ohm 2w) is a compact 8 ohm loudspeaker. Rich, detailed sound is guaranteed in a Decora-compatible wall or chassis mounts. Made of high quality materials, and enclosed in a sealed steel structure, this Wall Speaker is guaranteed to produce a sonic presence. This RDL DB-SP1A Wall Speaker Decora-Style Loudspeaker - 8 Ohm 2w offers an extended frequency range that is normally seen in larger speakers. Low distortion and and an increase in peak power capability are just 2 of the perks you'll find here. The DB-SP1A Wall Speaker input is connected through a 2-position detachable terminal block on the rear panel. The RDL DB-SP1A Wall Speaker Decora-Style Loudspeaker - 8 Ohm 2w D SERIES-SP1A operates with a continuous audio input up to 2 watts. This speaker is the capable of being driven by speech or music content from amplifiers with a maximum rated power of up to 10 W. Models come in a variety of colors. Black (B-SP1A), white (DB-SP1A), gray (DG-SP1A) or stainless steel (DS-SP1A).


RDL DB-SP1A Wall Speaker Features:

  • Acoustically Optimized Decora Enclosure
  • Fidelity Comparable to Larger Drivers
  • Exceptional Audio Quality for Ultra-Compact Size
  • Rich Presence and Detailed Clarity
  • Hemispherical Dispersion Mounted In Wall or Flat Surface
  • Convex Aluminum Cone with Rubber Surround
  • Neodymium Motor

DB Series products are user controls, indicators and connection plates that are compatible with Decora® style mounting. D Series modules and jacks connect directly to a variety of active RDL modules in multiple product series and are compatible with many OEM products. Products in this series may be active or passive. All D Series front panels are constructed of stainless or carbon steel for durability, shielding and static protection. Stainless steel models feature a brushed finiSHwith direct lettering. Painted models are finished with a reverse-printed front-panel polycarbonate laminate which provides an attractive, durable finished appearance.

Connector plates offer pass-thru jacks or rear-panel solder terminals. Transformer-isolated connector modules are equipped with a shielded enclosure and a rear-panel terminal block.

Active models come with remotes to provide source selection, routing, level control, muting, source or level LED indication and more.

The depth of D Series products is sufficiently shallow to permit mounting not only in standard North American electrical boxes but also in RDL wall boxes designed to fit in narrow walls used in international installations. RDL also offers a variety of related accessories for wall mounting, surface mounting and desktop chassis mounting of D Series products, as well as matching metal trim plates.

Attractive styling, ease of installation, long-life pushbuttons, high quality connectors and worldwide mounting possibilities make D Series products a preferred long-term resource for system design solutions. D-SERIES modules are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Input Power:
2 W RMS (modulation peaks limited to 10 W)

Input Connection:
Detachable terminal block (14 to 24 AWG)

8 Ohms (nominal)

Frequency Range:
150 Hz to 20 kHz, nominal

78 dB (1 W, 1m nominal)

Powdercoated steel

Formed perforated steel

Height: 4.1 in. 10.4 cm; Depth: 2.07 in. 5.26 cm (with terminal block); Width: 1.72 in. 4.37 cm

Mounts in US electrical box, RDL international wall boxes WB-, surface mount box SMB-, or desktop chassis’ DC- available separately.

Mounting Box Minimum Depth:
2 in. 5.08 cm

Package Type:
Cardboard Box

Package Dimensions:
3.625 x 4.625 x 2.125 in

Shipping Weight:
0.535 lbs. (db-sp1a, DB-SP1A); 0.525 lbs. (DS-SP1A)

WEEE weight:
0.390 lbs. (db-sp1a, DB-SP1A); 0.380 lbs. (DS-SP1A)

Tariff code: