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Crown DCi2 600N DriveCore Amplifier

Crown DCi2 600N DriveCore Amplifier

The Crown DCi2 600N DriveCore Amplifier is a super high performance installation amplifier that uses DriveCore technology. This network power amp was designed, engineered and manufactured to the industry’s highest quality standards.  This assures that Crown brings you a system with the the most advanced features and flexibility needed for any and all of your installed sound applications. This extra compact and highly energy efficient network power amp features DriveCore. DriveCore is the pride and joy of Crown.  It combines hundreds of parts into one chip the size of a your fingertip. The end result is the highest level of efficiency and, unsurpassed reliability. The Crown DCi2 600N DriveCore Amplifier's DriveCore technology simply combines the amp's drive stage into the power output stage. Basically melting everything into a chip the size of a dime. DriveCore's front-end drive circuits inherent the efficiency of Class D output stages while maintaining top of the line, premium sonic characteristics. This results in an extremely efficient, one piece power amplifier circuit that exhibits the superb audio quality of a highly evolved Class AB design.

Crown DCi2 600N DriveCore Amplifier Features:

  • True Rack Density – power points of 300W or 600W in 2/4/8 channel configurations and 1250W in 2/4 channel configurations. Includes bridgable outputs of 300-2500W, all in a 2U form factor, providing flexibility in designs.
  • Save money by using smaller gauge wiring to drive the speakers using either 70Vrms or 100Vrms.
  • With no need for a step-up transformer at the output, Crown DCi2 600 Power Amplifier produces higher audio quality much more efficiently.
  • Drive either one or two speakers in low-Z mode, or literally hundreds of speakers in high-Z mode (70Vrms or100Vrms), means better design flexibility since Crown DCi2 600 Power Amplifier powers all loads on a channel-by-channel basis.
  • The DCi Series channels are bridgeable – even in 100Vrms mode – which means even more adaptability for higher power applications such as subwoofers.
  • Save power by integrating the amplifier into a control system so you can easily turn it on and off.
  • Highly efficient internal cooling fans provide airflow to the most heat-generating parts. Incorporating the fans into the amplifier brick design maximizes cooling while minimizing wasted energy and noise.
  • The most advanced power supply in an installation amplifier delivers power more efficiently in almost any condition than anyone else, resulting in less power dissipated and less heat in your racks.

Crown DCi2 600N DriveCore Amplifier Specificatons:

  • Product: Crown DCi2 600 Power Amplifier.
  • Model: DCi2 600.
  • Frequency Response: ±0.25 dB (8 Ohms, 20 Hz - 20kHz).
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: >108 dB (ref. rated power, 8 Ohms, 20 Hz - 20 kHz).
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.35% (at full rated power, 20Hz - 20kHz).
  • Voltage Gain: 34 dB.
  • Damping Factor: >900 (20 Hz to 100 Hz).
  • Input Impedance: 10 kOhms, 5 kOhms (nominal balanced, unbalanced).
  • Maximum Input Level: 20dBu (before compression) & 26dBu (before clipping).
  • Load Impedance: 2 - 16 Ohms; 70Vrms and 100Vrms (Stereo/Dual Mode) & 4 - 16 Ohms; 140Vrms and 200Vrms (Bridge Mono).
  • Cooling: Continuously variable speed forced air, front to back airflow.
  • Maximum Fan Noise: 45 dBA SPL at 1M.
  • Required AC Mains: 100V - 240V ~50/60Hz (±10%).
  • IEC Power Connector: 15A IEC.
  • Width: 19 in. (48.3cm).
  • Height: 3.5 in. (8.75cm).
  • Depth: 14.25 in (
  • Crown DCi2 600N DriveCore Amplifier Weight: 18.8 lbs (8.53kg).