Price: $429.99

Grommes GT125C 125W 7-Input Mixer/Amp

The GT125C is a 125 watt, 7-input mixer/amp that is part of the Grommes GTC Series.

The GTC Series is a series of 7 input channel mixer amplifier. This series has three separate models 60, 125, and 250 Watts of continuous RMS power.  Each unit will mix 7 channels; up to 5 microphone (Female XLR- or screw terminal), 6 Aux, and a 600 ohm tele-page input in nearly any combination.  Separate Wide Range Bass and Treble Controls are included on the mixer amplifier. The GTC series consists of two levels of voice / signal activated muting and available phantom power, making this series of mixer amplifiers suitable for a wide variety of audio applications.

The GTC Series has a rack mount ears included standard, with each unit.

GT125C (GTC Series) Features

  • 7 Mixing Channels with 60, 125, or 250 Watts of Continuous RMS Power. Up to 5 Microphone -XLR & Screw inputs for each, 6 RCA Line Level, and 600 Ohm Tel-Line.
  • Voice or Signal Activated Muting.  Tel-Line Mutes All. Mic 1 over 2 thru 6 Defeatable.
  • Tamper Resistant Level Controls for Aux 6 and Tel Line.
  • Pre-Amp Output and Power Amp Input
  • Output Level LED Meter
  • 15 Volt Phantom Power
  • Toroidal Power AND Output Transformers (GT125C & GT250C) for a Smaller, Lighter and Improved Noise Spec
  • Unit.
  • Separate Wide Range Bass and Treble Controls
  • RCA Line Output for Tape or Other Equipment Including Additional Power Amplifiiers.
  • 25V & 70.7V Built-in Output Transformer
  • Rack Mount Included
  • 7 Year Warranty & 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

GT125C Specs

  • Power output RMS: 125w
  • Mixing channels: 7
  • Distortion @RPO:
  • Outputs: 4-8 ohm, 25v-70.7v line / dual aux line 1v @4.7k ohm / pre-amp 1v @ 600 ohm
  • Frequency Response:
  • Microphone: +/-3db 60-15khz
  • Line: +/-3db 50-20khz
  • Inputs/sensitivity:
  • 5-mic~ 1mv @ 600 ohm balanced
  • 1-aux to6-aux~100mv @10k ohm unbalanced
  • 1-600 ohm/tel-page~100mv @ 600
  • Tone: bass & treble
  • Microphone: XLR—screw terminals
  • Phantom power: +15v
  • Rack units: 2u rack mount included
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 17" x 3.5" x 13.5"
  • Weight: approximately 19lbs