Price: $1,187.00

AtlasIED Atmosphere AZM4 4-Zone Audio Processor

The brains of the new AtlasIED Atmosphere System.  The AZM4 and AZM8.

The Atmosphere AZM4 is an 4-zone audio processor and the heart of an Atmosphere audio control system.  Powerful DSP combined with innovative algorithms offer custom solutions for a wide variety of spaces.  A built-in message player, virtual wall controllers, learning ambient noise sensing, Tilter Filter™, auto-gain, GPIO, scheduler, and many more features, make the AZM a processing powerhouse.

The AZM4 is compatible with all six of the Atmosphere accessories for control, remote audio input, and ambient noise sensing.  Up to 16 of these plug-and-play Accessories can be connected across 2 accessory ports on the AZM4, with each port designed to work reliably up to 1000ft.

Programming is simple through a modern on-board web interface, optimized around common use-cases. Built around Progressive Web App technology, the control interface is device agnostic, responsive, and meticulously designed for an ideal user experience without sacrificing design freedom.  In addition to Ethernet, built-in Wi-Fi allows for tablets and other controlling devices to connect directly to the AZM4.

AZM4 Features

  • On board WIFI to use as an access point or connect to existing Wi-Fi network
  • 2 accessory ports that support up to 8 plug and play accessories each (maximum 16 per AZM4)
  • Auto noise compensation available for all zones
  • Large library of AtlasIED speaker presets
  • Integrated message player
  • App-less virtual wall controller access via QR code