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The ADX51 is a professional pre-polarized condenser microphone used for stage, studio, and broadcast applications. The ADX51 is known for its clear, accurate response and flexibility to handle close or distance miking for a wide variety of acoustic instruments.

Characterized with a uniformly controlled cardioid polar pattern, the ADX51 condenser microphone is designed to capture the acoustics of the instrument being miked while at the same time isolating it from the rest of the instruments on stage. With a wide frequency range of 40 Hz – 18 kHz, the ADX51 features a 14 mm gold vapor diaphragm and a -10 dB pad and bass roll-off filter at 150 Hz.

The ADX51 cardioid studio condenser microphone is very easy to position, durable, and manufactured to high standards and tight tolerances. The ADX51 has a precision machined brass body, durable black E-coat finish, steel mesh grill, and gold plated XLR connector.

The ADX51 will NOT operate without phantom power voltage (48 Volts recommended) which is available on most professional mic preamps and mixing devices. If phantom power is not available on your equipment, use a phantom power supply such as the Audix APS2. Avoid plugging or unplugging the microphone from a PA system unless the channel is muted or the volume of the system is turned down. Failure to do so may result in a loud “popping” noise which could seriously damage the speakers in the PA system, studio monitors or headphones. 

USER TIPS The ADX51, an excellent choice to mic any kind of acoustic instrument, has a cardioid pick-up pattern which helps to eliminate sound from other instruments on stage from “bleeding” into the microphone. However, the ADX51 is much more sensitive than a dynamic mic and will pick-up sound from a greater distance. The acoustic nature of the instrument being miked along with how loud it is will determine how far the microphone should be from the sound source. For example, the ADX51 can be placed 1-2 feet above the cymbals of a drum kit and still pick up plenty of sound , whereas for a high-hat, the mic will need to be placed within 4-6 inches to be effective. Allow a distance of 2-3 feet between microphones to avoid phase issues.

Transducer Type    Pre-Polarized Condenser
Frequency Response    40 Hz – 18 kHz
Polar Pattern    Cardioid
Output Impedance    100 ohms
Sensitivity    17 mV / Pa @ 1k
Capsule Technology    Black Electret GV Diaphragm
Off-Axis Rejection    >15 dB
Maximum SPL    ≥132 dB
Power Requirements    9-52 V Phantom
Connector    3-pin XLRm
Polarity    Positive pressure on diaphragm produces positive voltage on pin 2 relative to pin 3 of output XLR connector
Materials / Finish    Brass / Black Finish
Weight    184 g / 6.5 oz
Length    160 mm / 6.3 in