SHURE VP89M Condenser Shotgun Microphone

Premium VP89M modular shotgun microphone offers superior preamplifier design with RF immunity for pick-up of audience response, talk shows, and concerts. The product includes a low-cut filter switch, wide pickup angle, and unmatched off-axis rejection.

State-of-the-art preamplifier redesign
Superior RF immunity
Internal low-frequency roll-off
Recessed low-cut filter switch for additional control
Smaller footprint
Superior Shure design and rugged, roadworthy construction
Modularity: Long, medium, and short cartridge / barrel housings


For targeting sound sources over long distances (sporting events, ENG, wildlife, field recording)
Extremely narrow pickup angle
Unmatched quality of off-axis rejection

Wider target aperture for greater degree of ambience (audience response, talk shows, live concerts)
Narrow pickup angle
Unmatched quality of off-axis rejection

High volume, widest aperture for greatest degree of ambience in near-field target range (camera mounting, discreet mounting) 
Wide pickup angle
Unmatched quality of off-axis rejection
Full Range of Complementary Accessories

Carrying case and foam windscreen included
Custom premium suspension windshield kits* (L/M/S options):
Suspension mount
Rigid windshield (“blimp”) for full microphone enclosure with included grey fur sheath option
Boom adapter and pistol-grip mounting options
XLR-XLR cabling
Custom dark grey slide-on fur windshields* (“Softie,” L/M/S options)
Mounting options*
Custom boom mount (L only)
Pistol-grip mount (M/S options)
"Hot shoe" camera-top mount (M/S options)
CCA side-rear mount (M/S options)