Price: $492.00

FSR DR-H2.0-50M 4K HDMI Male to HDMI Male Plenum - Black AOC (50M or 165’ Cable)

The 4K Next Generation Digital Ribbon Cables utilize a proprietary technology to allow high speed and high definition HDMI® signal transmission over distances of up to 328 ft. The cable is fitted with a discreet black jacket that allows the cable to blend in after installation. The 4K Digital Ribbon cables are Plenum Rated, giving you protection and high quality packaged together.
These Next Generation cables can easily handle up to 4k 60Hz 4:4:4 HDR uncompressed HDMI® video and are ARC compatible. The cables meet HDMI® and HDCP testing standards and support DDC for HDCP and EDID, PCM, Dolby, DTS-HD, and True HD Audio.
The connector shells are labeled "source" and "display" to aid in proper connection during the installation. Both the cable and connector were designed to easily fit within a 1" conduit.
DR Next Gen Cables Internal

The hybrid fiber/copper cables deliver a speed of 18 Gbps video bandwidth. The advanced technology doesn't stop there using four glass fibers, seven copper wires, and supplying the necessary power to the embedded circuitry at both ends of the cable - saving space and money.

The cables come pre-terminated in convenient lengths.

Item Number Part Number Length Meters Length Feet
18150 DR-H2.0-50M BLK AOC CBL 50 165
18151 DR-H2.0-70M BLK AOC CBL (MTO) 70 230
18152 DR-H2.0-100M BLK AOC CBL (MTO) 100 328

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DR-H2.0 HDMI Cable Features:

• HDMI® with 4k@60Hz YUV 4:4:4 and supports all HDCP versions

• Overcomes distance limitations of conventional HDMI cables

• Competitive in cost to older cable types

• Signal integrity is uncompromised

• Multi-format compatibility

• No external power or special tooling required

• Cable and connectors easily fit within a 1” conduit

• Plenum Rated - Type CMP/FT6

• UL Listed

• Supports DDC for HDCP and EDID

• Supports PCM, Dolby, DTS-HD and True HD audio

• ARC compatible