Price: $399.95

ADJ ZB-MSD PLATINUM 5R 575 Watt Replacement Lamp

The American DJ ZB-MSD Platinum 5R Discharge Replacement lamp uses a new power delivery and optic design to power out a light source out-put that is equivalent to a 575W discharge lamp out of a 250W R5 lamp. The 5R discharge also includes the reflector built-in to the 5R lamp, so there is no need to adjust the lamp's reflector when you replace the lamp and the reflector will never deteriorate or become discolored because every time you change the lamp, you change the reflector at the same time.This lamp offers a bright, flat, even spot field and even color saturation. Features:

  • 8,000K
  • 2,000 hr. life
  • Replacement for any light fixture using a Philips ZB-MSD Platinum 5R 250W discharge lamp