Price: $12.00

Soundtube AC-BC1 Beam Clamp for Speakers

The AC-BC1 is a Beam clamp for Soundtube speakers. This clamp is an optional accessory for use with the following speaker models- RS400i, RS500i, RS600i, RS800i, RS1001i, RS1001i-II-T, RS4-EZ, HP590i, HP690i, HP890i, HP129i, HP129a, and HP1290i.

AC-BC1 Specs

optional accessory that can be used with RS series and HP Series Speakers.   Lead or Follow... This is the philosophy that drives SoundTube Entertainment to constantly establiSHnewer and greater standards for quality, innovation and value. No other speaker company takes the same approach to developing technology, bringing innovation to market and celebrating creativity in everything it does.