Price: $59.99

ADJ 56 Black Combo Par 56 Can and Accessories

If you have ever needed a colorful lighting package that contains all the necessary pieces of equipment, then the 56 Black Combo Par Can from American DJ is for you. The par can and lamp that are included work together to create a powerful light source needed to light up the stage. Use the 4 color gel filters included to create a splash of color that will really shine a spotlight on the stage.

You should have no problem getting enough light with the 300W lamp that is included. The included clamp and safety cable will make it easy to install and secure into your lighting equipment. The gel frame will work to protect your lamp and par can when tearing down your equipment.

This product is perfect for the mobile entertainer, night club, or dance floor. Use the 56 Black Combo at your next event to light up the party.

Kit includes: 1 x black par 56, 1 x 300W lamp, 4-pak color gel filters, gel frame, clamp & safety cable.