Panamax SEP-200 Service Entrance Protection

Panamax SEP-200 Overview

SEP-200 protects against electrical surges that can cause damage to major appliances including their sensitive electronic circuitry.

Catastrophic failures and gradual component degradation can be caused by high voltage surges, which are generated by harsh weather conditions, external power problems, or day-to-day electrical component switching.

Panamax also recommends using secondary plug-in protectors at the equipment you would like to protect.

SEP-200 Features at a Glance

  • Rated for split/single phase panels up to 400 Amps.
  • Three (3) Wires Plus Ground.
  • Meets ANSI C62.41 Requirements.
  • 700V L-N / 800V N-G Voltage Protection Rating, UL 1449 3rd Edition
  • Install Indoors or Outside.
  • 3-Year $10,000 Appliance Warranty.
  • 5-Year Product Warranty.