RDL D-BT1A Wall-Mounted Bluetooth Audio Format-A Interface (White)

The white RDL D-BT1A is a wall-mounted Bluetooth audio Format-A interface offering a sleek solution for integrating Bluetooth audio sources into installed sound systems in fitness facilities, retail stores, restaurants, and more. Since it requires no special software to configure and boasts 1-button pairing with LED indication, the D-BT1A is simple and quick to set up.


RDL STA-2A Dual High Gain Line Amplifiers

The STA-2A is a dual-channel, line-level audio preamplifier. Each channel is identical. The audio inputs are bridged at 20 kΩ and accept either an unbalanced or a balanced audio signal. Gain is adjustable from unity to +24 dB using a 25-turn precision audio taper trimming potentiometer. The output line driver circuits are designed to drive long balanced audio lines into 600 Ω loads.


RDL STA-1M Audio Line Amplifier - Mono: -14 to 14 dB Gain

The STA-1M allows bridging any audio line, adjusting the gain, and driving a balanced or unbalanced line. The circuit design allows the input to accept either balanced or unbalanced signals, of either high or low impedance. This is an instrumentation type input stage which will amplify the differential input, regardless of ground reference.


RDL RU-PA40D 40 W Stereo Audio Amplifier with VCA - 8 Ω, with Power Supply

The RU-PA40D is the ideal choice in many applications where a high quality, high-efficiency utility amplifier is needed to drive a pair of 4 Ω or 8 Ω speakers. It is specifically suited to amplification applications where users need to adjust the gain. Examples include projectors or monitors with fixed audio outputs used in classrooms, boardrooms or video conferencing.