Rockustics Outdoor XT-SurroundStone 8 Speaker in Grey or Sandstone with Transformer

The XT-SurroundStone 8 is ideal for large commercial outdoor installations, with inconspicuous yet encompassing sound. An 8" coax woofer and and .75" dome tweeter are incorporated in a sealed, on-ground enclosure with omnidirectional dispersion. A 64 watt transformer is provided for use in 70V systems.


Rockustics Outdoor XT-PowerRock Speaker in Grey or Sandstone

The XT-PowerRock is designed for long throw and high intelligibility and is the ideal choice for theme parks and other large outdoor settings. Its granite exterior is matced with an 8" high-efficiency woofer and 1.3" compression driver, with 250 watts of power handling. A built-in 120 watt transformer makes it easy to incorporate the XT-PowerRock into 70V systems.


Rockustics Outdoor SubScape 12 Subwoofer

The Subscape 12 is a direct-burial, 12" subwoofer to complement Periscape speakers. With 300 watts (RMS) of power handling, it brings ground-shaking bass response to your outdoor installations and is the perfect companion to Periscape spike-mount speakers. Once installed, the only visible part of the speaker is a discreet, brown vent cap.


Rockustics Outdoor StoneHenge II Speaker in Grey

The StoneHenge II is superb musicality and high power handling combined with clear, understandable speech make the StoneHenge II ideal for both residential and commercial settings. This two-way speaker incorporates a granite exterior with an 8" coax woofer and 1" tweeter. An optional 120W transformer is available for installation of the StoneHenge II in 70V systems.


Rockustics Outdoor SquareRoot 6.5 SweetSpot Speaker in Granite Grey or Terra Cotta with SweetSpot

A fully functional 20 inch (508 mm) square planter with drainage holes, the SquareRoot 6.5 is an omnidirectional 2-way speaker as well. It includes a 6.5" coax woofer and .75" dome tweeter.