SolidDrive SD250 50 Watt Per Channel Class D Amplifier

The SolidDrive SD-250 is an ultra compact 2-channel amplifier with extra heat sink surfaces for extended duty at full power. The amp is rated at 50 watts per channel and can run in stereo, mono, or bridged mono. But most importantly it has custom electronic EQs for glass, sheet rock, wood, or bypass. Having the correct power and the right EQ will make the AD sound its best.


SolidDrive PEM-W EQ for Wood

The PEM-W - Passive equalization module that is designed to smooth out the frequency response and optimize the sound of the SD1, SD1g, and SD1sm for any type of surface to which they will be attached. One module is needed for each SolidDrive unit. NOTE: Not needed if using the SD-250.