Ideal for installation, this multi-format problem solver includes recording and archiving features.  The multi-purpose CD-A580 plays from cassette, CD, or USB flash media. Cassette and USB recording is also available, allowing cassettes to be archived to USB as MP3.

The CD-A580 combines a cassette recorder, CD player and USB flash drive recorder/player into a rack-mountable unit – perfect for installation and professional applications. Not only compatible with the most popular types of media, the CD-A580 allows cassette tapes to be dubbed to USB media for archival.

Features at a glance

Cassette deck

  • One-way IC Logic transport control enables recording and playback
  • Dub from CDs
  • Dub from USB flash drive and recording from LINE Inputs
  • ±10% pitch control
  • Supported cassette tape types
  • Playback: normal (TYPE I), chrome (TYPE II), metal (TYPE IV)
  • Recording: normal (TYPE I), chrome (TYPE II)
  • Recommended tape length: 10 minutes to 90 minutes
  • Power-on recording/playback functions

CD Player

  • Playback of audio CDs, CD-R, CD-RW discs and data CDs (MP3 files) supported
  • Shuffle and program playback supported
  • Single/All Folder repeat playback
  • Power-on playback functions

USB flash drive recorder/player

  • Recording as MP3 files possible from CD, cassette and line input sources
  • MP3 file playback
  • Shuffle and program playback supported
  • Single/All Folder repeat playback
  • Manual file division (TAPE/LINE)
  • Power-on playback functions


  • Headphone jack with level control
  • Wireless remote control included
  • LCD display with level meters
  • 3U rackmount size
  • RoHS supported