Audio Supply Inc. has been in business since 1988.  We are a true distributor of A/V equipment for installers, contractors, touring musicians and retail stores.  Located in the Chicagoland area, we carry over 200 lines of A/V equipment, commercial audio, residential audio, home theater, outdoor speakers, DJ gear…the whole nine yards.  Get it all here… one-stop shop, service and support with top notch customer service.


Never heard of us? We prefer it that way…and so do our customers. We like to think of ourselves as the sound industry’s best kept secret, serving some of the top names in our industry, worldwide! Though we can’t disclose our clients, you’d be surprised who we supply. If you’re “in the know” then you are one of the lucky ones.


Audio Supply Inc. is a company built on principles three generations strong. Our founder, Keith Wilson (inventor of the Shure SM58 microphone), carried his audio design skills into his own exclusive brand. Audio Supply still upholds the same traditions of excellence two generations later. Building, fixing, providing A/V systems – it’s what we do…and what we do is what we love.


Are you an installer?  Touring musician? Do you own a retail store?  Set up an account with us and see how low our pricing truly is.


Find a lower price?  Please let us know. We would rather compete for your support than be overlooked!


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Audio Supply Inc. is a leader in Pro Audio, Video, and Custom Solutions. Our finger is on the pulse in the industry, and we always have news.


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