AtlasIED's Atmosphere platform sets a new standard for digital audio with multi-zone processors, amplifiers, and a variety of accessories. Touchless control, easy-to-program automation, and artificial intelligence offer integrators and users an effortless way to create the perfect Atmosphere for their business.

Atmosphere Controls

Wall Controllers & Remote Inputs

Easy installation. Clone settings to and from other controllers. View and change sources and zones.

Atmosphere Personal Control


Simple... Personal... Control

User defined access to control zones, sources, pre-recorded messages, preset scenes, and more all from a person’s own mobile device simply by scanning a QR code.


Atmosphere Web Platform


Any Device, Any OS

A platform agnostic, progressive web-based platform. No apps to download. Nothing to continually update. No worries about operating system compatibility. Just bring your device and use it.




AI-based Ambient Noise Compensation

Patented technology continually analyzes acoustic information from the environment and automatically adjusts audio levels so people can hear clear messages and pleasant music.

Intentional Design

Discover a new level of interoperability. Model specific EQ presets for AtlasIED speakers, plug and play accessories, and amplifiers optimized for use within the platform combine to operate as a wholistic system creating.

Atmosphere Processor amd Amp


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