We Are Your Outdoor Audio Specialists

Whether it's outdoor jams you're looking for or home theater, we will make it happen! 

Check out the rock, planter or surface mount speakers.  Even buried subwoofers.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Call or email us. Let us make your home, backyard, concert hall, arena, office, and even your bathroom sound beautiful!

Sound is Our Passion!

Your success is ours.  From pre-blueprint to post-install, new AV systems to repairs, do not hesitate to ask for our help.

We are here so that you can grow your business and efficiently plan-install-use an incredible sound or video system.  Just need some speaker rental or microphone rental?  We're your support team!

Need a Specialty Cable?

Need even a basic cable?  Either way, we stock 'em or we have the ability to make custom and specialty cables when you're in a bind!  Or, if you're local, come on over and you can design and solder your own cable with our tools and resources!