As the Holiday Season approaches, it’s time for Houses of Worship to prepare for the big annual events. With more services being streamed and recorded, you need to ensure every voice will be heard in the sanctuary and online. From pageants to productions, Audix has the microphone solutions you need to lift up your voices.
Properly miking a larger-than-usual choir can be a real challenge, especially if that same choir needs to be moved to a different area of the sanctuary for a special event. The Audix MicroBoom System is choir miking made simple.
Available in a range of microphone pick-up patterns and boom lengths -- in black or white -- the MicroBoom System is an elegant choir miking solution offering exceptional performance and portability.


  • MicroBoom carbon fiber boom and gooseneck (24”, 50” or 84”)
  • Micros™ microphone (cardioid or hypercardioid; standard or high output)
  • Clutch assembly
  • 25’ Shielded cable
  • Windscreen


A single MicroBoom System can cover up to 20 singers. 


For larger choirs, additional MicroBoom Systems may be easily incorporated. 


Unlike some other portable choir mics that have significant height limitations, the MicroBoom System can extend to over 11 feet (MicroBoom 84 and a standard mic stand). This allows you to easily cover the back row of a choir that is on a riser.


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