Luxibel UVC Systems

Antibacterial | Antivirus | Antifungal | Anti-mold

Increasingly, we spend more time indoors, for exam- ple at work, in airplanes, schools and shopping malls.

The air we breathe in these environments is anything but clean. In fact, it’s often re-circulated along with all the bacteria, viruses, pollen, smoke and toxic gases that are trapped along with it.

In hospitals this can be a real problem. hospital-acquired infections affect around 10% of patients during their stay. And there is increasing evidence that up to 20% of these infections, like the flu, molds, pneumonia and MRSA, is transmitted via the air, at a huge price, both in terms of human life and financial costs. Tuberculosis is even 100% transmitted via the air. Luxibel UVC purification lamp systems provide a safe, reliable and sustainable solution. Ideal for use in ventilation air ducts, air disinfection units or stand- alone air purifiers.

These types of UVC purification systems from Luxi- bel can also be used for surface disinfection in the food and beverage industries, hospital rooms, pharmacy shops, surface disinfection in public transport like buses, airplanes etc. They help protect against airborne pathogens, creating a safer and healthier indoor environment with the power of light.

Can UVC Help Prevent COVID-19 Transmission by Reduscing Contamination?

The International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) believes that UV disinfection technologies can play a role in a multiple barrier approach to reducing the transmission of the virus causing COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, based on current disinfection data and empirical evidence. UV is a known disinfectant that can help to mitigate the risk of acquiring an infection in contact with the COVID-19 virus when applied correctly.

Benefits of UVC Technology

  • UVC radiation has been proven to be effective against waterborne and airborne pathogenic micro-organisms including those responsible for cholera, hepatitis, polio, typhoid, giardia, crypto-sporidium and many other bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases
  • ƒUVC installations have low capital and operation cost
  • ƒUVC technology is environmentally friendly
  • ƒUVC installations are easy to operate and to maintain
  • ƒUVC radiation has no harmful effect when overdosed on surfaces, water or air
  • ƒUVC radiation works instantly and the effectiveness does not depend on the temperature
  • ƒUVC disinfection is a physical process: no substances are added
  • ƒThe UVC disinfection effect is directly related to the UV dose (which is the product of intensity and exposure time of the micro-organisms) so it’s effectiveness can be simply measured once the system design is validated

Disinfects air and surface, prevents secondary infections and eliminates bacteria, viruses and fungal and mold spores in the air. Use in production halls, hospitals, health care facilities, pharmacies, public transport and many more. All di- rect radiating fixtures are equipped with a double security with movement sensor and LED light + sound alarm.