The ASTATIC 119L-19are dynamic cardioid microphones, designed especially for gooseneck mounting in quality sound reinforcement and communication installations. These microphones have a slightly rising high frequency response and a gentle low frequency roll-off, assuring excellent voice reproduction. A superior cardioid directional pattern minimizes feedback, background noise, reverberation, offaxis coloration and placement problems. A new internal vibration isolation system, consisting of a special rubber mounting ring and a rubber stabilizing ring as a support for the generating element, reduces gooseneck, stand and handling noise. An effective multi-stage blast filter controls breath "pop" and wind disturbances. Available as 119L-19. The 119L Series has low impedance outputs. The 119L-19 is supplied with 1.7m (5.5ft), of rugged two conductor shielded cable. The 119l-19 Series microphones are extremely rugged and reliable and will stand up under the most strenuous handling conditions to provide years of dependable service

Astatic 119l-19 Specifications

Generating Element: Dynamic Polar Pattern: Unidirectional (Cardioid) Frequency Response: 150 Hz - 12 KHz Output Level: @ 1000 Hz Open Circuit Voltage: -57 dBV (1.4V) @ 1 Pa Front To Back Ratio: 20 dB Impedance: Low, 500 ohms Cable: Two conductor, overall shielded permanently attached, rugged, synthetic, jacketed cable. 119L-19 - 1.7m (5.5ft) Dimensions: See Drawing Weight: 119L-19 - 340 grams (12 oz.) Housing: Die cast Zinc Finish: 119L- Plated satin chrome Phasing Positive Pressure (movement of diaphragm inward) will generate a positive voltage on the red cable lead with respect to the black cable lead

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