Available in four sizes, the Desono™ ENT200 models have been expertly engineered to serve the wide range of applications routinely encountered by professional sound contractors. Possessing advanced features, highly focused dispersion patterns, weather-resistant construction, and most importantly sonic excellence, ENT200 columns make installations not only fast and simple, but as functionally effective as possible. The ENT220 is an all-weather, column line array loudspeaker housed in an attractive, heavy duty extruded PVC enclosure. The largest member of the ENT200 columns, the ENT220 provides exceptional directivity control in the vertical axis to tame extremely difficult acoustic environments. The ENT220 employs twenty high-power LF cone drivers and four CRE (Compact Ribbon Emulator) HF tweeter arrays in a single-amped configuration that employs a 5-way frequency shaded crossover. With enough power to cover medium and large venues, a system of well-placed ENT220 columns is capable of providing intelligibility and superb musical reproduction, while barely being visible. Noisy environments, excessive reverberation, and other sub-optimal acoustical conditions are handled effortlessly by the ENT220. Houses of worship, music venues and corporate AV presentations will benefit from the high performance and versatility of the ENT220.


Zoom Certified • Advanced passive crossover technology and dynamic protection circuitry • Compact Ribbon Emulator high frequency technology for narrow, well-behaved directivity control • All-weather construction for indoor/outdoor use • Simple installation using the included pan-tilt mounting bracket • Selectable low impedance or 70V/100V operation.


Operating Mode Passive Operating Environment Indoor or outdoor Operating Range2 80 Hz to 22 kHz Nominal Beamwidth (H x V) 140° x  15° Transducers LF 20 x 80mm long excursion mylar driver HF 4 x 3-element Compact Ribbon Emulator Continuous Power Handling3 @ Nominal Impedance Passive 63V 500W @ 8Ω (2000W peak) Autoformer 70V 120W 60W 30W 15W 7.5W 100V 120W 60W 30W 15W Nominal Sensitivity4 Passive @ 1W 99dB @ 2.83V 99 dB Nominal Maximum SPL5 (Whole Space) Passive Peak 132 dB Continuous 126 dB Equalized Sensitivity6       System @ 1W 99 dB @ 2.83V 99 dB Equalized Maximum SPL7 System Peak 132 dB Continuous 126 dB Required Accessories External High Pass Filter - 80 Hz, 24 dB /octave Digital Signal Processor Recommended Amplifiers Passive 500W - 1000W @ 8Ω (63V - 89V)

List price: $1,900.00
Price: $1,900.00